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2177 Bedell Rd Apt A, Grand Island NY 14072 USA
Sometimes printer seems to be working just fine but doesn’t scan any document. In this sort of the situation, Call our Brother printer technical support team. But the First thing is please follow these simple steps.

Try The Following Steps And Fix Your Brother Printer Issues

  1. First of all, check your Brother printer if it is in working condition, i.e. not on sleep mode. Another thing is to check the little display screen for any error or a yellow triangle Turn it off, check that the power cable is attached properly and power supply is on. Restart it again and if it doesn’t help then try the other options.
  2. Check the network connection and for loose connection cable, if any, fix it and try to scan again.
  3. For testing, click on Start button from your computer, open Control panel, Devices, and Printers left click on your default printer, Printer Properties and click on Print Test Page
  4. Note down the IP Address of your printer device. This information is to be used later.
  5. Look for the scanner list from ‘start ‘and look for the scanner.
  6. If the scanner icon for your Brother machine is not shown, you need to install it then. Open Scanner Properties.
  7. Click on network  Setting and select Specify your machine by address.
  8. Enter the IP Address noted down earlier.
  9. Sometimes the Firewall doesn’t permit a program to get downloaded or run properly. In this situation Disable the Firewall on your computer and try the network scanning again.
  10. It should be off temporarily not permanently, once the process is complete, turn on the firewall.
  11. First, uninstall and then reinstall the Brother drivers. If it is not installed already, then go to the official site of the  Brother Printer and download the latest driver.
  12. For any information related to brother printer issues, Dial Brother Support Number(toll-free) 1-800-728-0810. Our experts will handle all issues.

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